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Emergency Dentist in Stoneham

If you’re in need of emergency dental care in the Stoneham or greater Middlesex County area, you can depend on the experienced team at Cardone Family Dental. Our multi-specialty staff is prepared to diagnose and address a sweeping range of dental conditions, from cavities and toothaches, to the most challenging cases of chipped, cracked, or avulsed teeth. As your emergency dentist in Stoneham, our office is open five days a week, with extended evening hours on Mondays and Tuesdays, and alternating hours every other Saturday. If you’re experiencing dental pain or discomfort of any kind, you’ll be in the very best of hands at Cardone Family Dental.

Emergency Dentist in Stoneham

When it comes to dental emergencies, our staff will make every effort to schedule you in for treatment as soon as possible. Once at our office, your emergency dentist in Stoneham will utilize the foremost diagnostic methods to determine the precise underlying cause of your oral pain. One of the most common causes of dental pain is a deep cavity. Our dentists are highly experienced in treating cavities, and prepared to alleviate your ache and restore your tooth to its former glory using the highest quality restorative fillings or dental crowns. If you’ve sustained a dental injury, our experienced dentist is equipped to provide advanced treatment for the preservation of cracked, chipped, or otherwise traumatized teeth. In many cases of dental injury or deep decay, the delicate vital center of the tooth can become irreversibly damaged, requiring root canal therapy to save it. For the most complex cases involving the need for root canal therapy, our experienced endodontist is on standby to perform a variety of specialized treatments with the utmost gentle precision, ranging from apicoectomies and endodontic retreatment, to surgical root canal therapy.

Whatever your specific treatment needs, you can depend on your emergency dentist in Stoneham at Cardone Family Dental. To schedule your next visit, contact our helpful staff today!

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