Which Woburn Dental Office Can Help Me Remove Dental Plaque?

Would you say you take your dental hygiene seriously, making sure to brush and floss daily and maintain routine checkups with your Woburn dental office? If you’re among the population who dismisses regular dental visits and becomes a little too relaxed with their at-home hygiene regimen, you may be developing an excessively high level of dental plaque without even realizing it. Dental plaque, which is the sticky film of enamel-wearing bacteria on your teeth, can lead to tooth decay and disease if not properly taken care of. At Cardone Family Dental, we use our state-of-the-art preventive care program to hinder the accumulation of dental plaque, keeping your teeth feeling healthy and fresh.

Woburn Dental Office

According to the American Dental Association, patients in Woburn should maintain biannual dental appointments for checkups and teeth cleanings. The comprehensive preventive program at Cardone Family Dental includes a thorough smile examination, professional teeth cleanings, and oral cancer screenings. In addition, we make sure to take the time to educate our patients about every aspect of proper at-home oral hygienic techniques. As your leading Woburn dental office, we believe it is essential to follow a well-prepared home care regimen when maintaining fighting against dental plaque buildup. Lastly, for the added protection against dental plaque for our pediatric patients, we recommend enamel-strengthening fluoride treatments and dental sealants to shield the teeth from harmful debris.

In need of a Woburn dental office that can help you establish excellent at-home dental hygiene as well as provide you with exceptional in-office plaque buildup preventive measures? At Cardone Family Dental, our expert staff are experienced in assisting our community to keep their smiles feeling fresh, and healthy. If you’re interested in enhancing the appearance and health of your teeth, schedule a consultation with your Woburn dental office, Cardone Family Dental, today.


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